Lawson Glenn Lipford / Birth Story

I cannot believe I am writing my second birth story. I feel like just yesterday Ellis was born, and now I am a mama of TWO! Seems so surreal. Eric said something about putting the kids to bed the other day and it kind of hits us every time we use that word… we have KIDS. It has been a crazy 4 weeks since Lawson came into our lives, … Continue reading Lawson Glenn Lipford / Birth Story

3 months old

How????? How do I already have a 3 month old baby? Just doesn’t seem real. These past 3 months have been…. so many things. Adjusting to life with a tiny human is CRAY CRAY! People always told us “just wait… your world is going to change” ORRRR “better sleep now” …..well I understand both of those statements now completely. Sleeping through the night just seems like … Continue reading 3 months old

I thought there would be glowing 

With my first trimester coming to a close, I thought I would reflect back on my experience. I never want to forget the way I felt during this time…. So let’s just get to it. Here’s what I learned/experienced during my first trimester pregnant: 1. Exhausted developed a whole new meaning. I know women say they experience fatigue but It really is crazy just … Continue reading I thought there would be glowing